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Fireplaces and Stoves

 Welcome to Custom Landscape & Patio Supply Center's Fireplace and Stove Center!

In house, Custom Landscape & Patio carries pellet stoves and wood stoves from
We are non-stocking dealers for
Monessen Gas and Wood fireplaces. (You may click on any of the name brands to view more information on them.)

In recent years the use of wood pellet stoves in North America has drastically gone up. We are finding more and more people looking for ways to cut their fuel oil/propane usage and save money - So why buy pellets?
1. Pellet fuel is a renewable, clean-burning and cost stable home heating alternative currently used throughout North America.
2. It is a biomass product made of renewable substances – generally recycled wood waste. 
3. Pellet stoves have extremely low particulate emissions due to their high burn efficiency and the density of the fuel.
4. Pellets are easier to store than conventional firewood, with no household litter from bark or bugs.
5. Most pellet stoves are self-igniting and cycle themselves on and off controlled by a thermostat.
6. By slowly feeding fuel from a storage container (hopper) into a burn-pot area, they create a constant flame that requires little to no physical adjustments.

On this page you will find our top 3 pellet stoves as well as any refurbished, used wood or pellet stoves that we may have on the floor. Please call us if you have any questions or to inquire if we have any wood or pellet stoves that may have not made it online yet.

Why buy a stove from Custom Landscape & Patio???
  1. 1. We answer the phone! 24/7. Some of the biggest complaints we hear have to do with companies answering the phones. If you need   us we will be there. Promised. 
  1. 2. We take old stoves in on trade when you purchase a new stove
  1. from us.
  1. 3. We always install stoves we sell for FREE, our competitors will charge you up to $600!! 
  1. 4. We always deliver stoves you buy from us for FREE, some of our competitors will charge you up to $200!! 
  1. 5. When you buy more than two ton of pellets from CLPSC, we deliver them for $20 and help you unload them too!

Cumberland MF 3800B
OUR A-#1 Seller is the Ardisam Cumberland Pellet Stove! It is THE most efficient and safest pellet stove on the market, and because this is our favorite stove, we stamp a 100% buy back GUARANTEE on.

This stove starts st $2850 plus piping costs.

Cumberland MF 3800B features:
1. 45,000 BTU -Heats up to 2,200 sqt.ft.
2. Burns any kind of Bio-fuel (Corn, Cherry Pits, Pellets, Buckwheat...)
3. No need to change burn pot when changing fuels
4. Unattended electric ignition allows the stove to be completely thermostatically controlled
5. No agitator to get gummed up with burn residue
6. Air filter prevents dust from circulating into your home and extends the life of the stove; also increases fan effectiveness. 
7. A gravity sealed ash pan removes the need for latches or moving parts and is easy to open.
8. One hopper full of fuel can burn up to 36 hours without refill!

**** Add on a HEAT-LINK box to increase hopper capacity to 120 lbs and tie into your forced air duct system for only $565.****

Castle Compact Stove HPS101C

Ardisam's Castle Stove - Small compact design is perfect for small homes, apartments, hunting camps/cabins, and YES mobile homes! 

It has style, warmth and these great features:

This stove starts at $1695 plus piping costs.

Castle HPS101C features: 
1. 30,000 BTU - Heats up to 1,500 sq.ft.

2. Automatic Ignition
3.  Five fan Speeds
4. High/Low Limit Switches
5. Hopper Safety Switch
6. Vacuum Safety Switch
7. Air Wash System

Castle Bay Window Stove HPS09
Ardisam's Bay window Castle stove - Also a small, compact design great for small homes, apartments, hunting camps/cabins, and mobile homes.

This stove starts at $1895 plus piping costs

Baywindow Castle HPS09 features:  

1. 40,000 BTU - Heats up to 1,700 sq.ft. 
2. Automatic Ignition
3. Three Blower Speeds
4. High/Low Limit Switches
5. Hopper Safety Switch
6. Vacuum Safety Switch
7. Air Wash System

We  sell gas, wood, and pellet fireplaces, stoves, and inserts from these Manufacturers and more:

Artisan Cumberland





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