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A passionate dedication to grilling.

Napoleon, a family owned Canadian company, has been providing home comfort for over 30 years. Napoleon is committed to designing and manufacturing the finest high efficiency grills, fireplaces, and outdoor living products you can depend on... proudly backed by their President's Limited Lifetime Warranty. 
Superior technology, rock solid performance, balanced design, and unparalleled customer service are the hallmark of the Napoleon name. Your napoleon grill is designed to excel, offering a cooking experience as gratifying as the wonderful meals you'll create with it. 
Wishing you unforgettable meals grilled to perfection. 

Napoleon Appliance Corporation. 

The heart of a Napoleon Grill

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cooking System -The even, consistent heat from high and hot to low and slow. Napoleon offers Patented WAVE rod cooking grids for those Napoleon trademarked sear lines, patented self-cleaning sear plates for reduced flare-ups, and Durable 16-Gauge burners for controlled, even heat. 

Infrared Sizzle Zone Side Burner (optional) - Optional ceramic infrared side burner creates more cooking space for a busy grill. The multi-level cooking grid is perfect for searing meat or placing a pot or pan on for creating side dishes.

Oven Like Performance - Napoleon's LIFT EASE roll top lid tucks neatly back giving you more space on your patio or deck. The tightly sealed lid will not be compromised by prevailing winds. Maximum heat is retained in the streamlined, double walled lid for oven-like performance. 

Versatile Burner System - Rear stainless steel rotisserie burner heat waves sear and lock in the juices quickly for superior tenderness. You will get Restaurant Style results and perfect self-basting roasts every time. The ceramic bottom burner has thousands of evenly spaced flame ports which generate infrared radiant energy. The intense 1800 degree heat of the SIZZLE ZONE instantly locks in valuable juices, mouth-watering flavor, and tantalizing aromas, to deliver an amazing taste sensation. Finally, the tube burners run front to back for precise heat control, allowing for independent use of each cooking zone such as direct or indirect cooking. 

Charcoal Flavor from your Gas Grill - Napoleon's optional charcoal tray is designed to let you add the flavor of charcoal anytime, on your gas grill. Simply replace a sear plate with the charcoal tray, add charcoal and light your gas grill. 

Electric Ignition - Simple one touch electric ignition ensure trouble free starts. 

Universal Rotisserie Kits - Every Napoleon Prestige grill (except P450) comes with a complete rotisserie system to use with the rear burner. The rotisserie kit allows you to cook larger roasts, chickens and turkeys using the restaurant style method of rotating the meat while cooking from the rear burner, self basting in it's own juices. 

Napoleon's Limited Lifetime Guarantee - A growing number of people are discovering the joys of cooking on their Napoleon Grill. We are here to ensure your love for your Napoleon Grill is a bond that continues to bring you and your family a sensational grilling experience for years to come. Your purchase of a grill includes exclusive access to our customer care hotline and President's Limited Lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind. 

Cooking Methods
Direct Cooking - This method of cooking utilizes all burners, cooking the food directly above the flame "grilling" style, for searing steaks, other meats or vegetables. Keeping the lid down reduces the cooking time and cooks through to the center faster than with the lid up. Anything that is less than 2 inches thick should be cooked by direct grilling. These are things that generally cook quickly and benefit from the fast cooking of a hot grill. Front to back burners were designed for precise heat control, allowing for independent use of each cooking zone. 

Indirect Cooking - Indirect grilling is similar to baking. The food is placed above the unlit burner instead of directly over the flame. This can be achieved by only igniting some of the burners - light one side on high and cook the food on the unlit side. The food will cook more evenly as it is not exposed to direct heat front he burners. This is an excellent way to cook tough cuts of meat, like the brisket and ribs, that require long, slow cooking at a low or moderate heat level. For chicken, game, turkey, roasts, ham, vegetables, bread or combinations, the indirect method Napoleon allows you to cook with will produce amazing results every time. 

Infrared Bottom Burner Cooking Do you want the perfect steak?? The intense 1800 degree heat instantly sears the meat, locking in the juices. Larger cuts of meat maybe moved to the other side of the grill to continue cooking. 

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