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Paver Driveways

      Beauty Design Timeless Vibrant Colors 

Four words you might use to describe the driveway pictured above; Also four words you would never use to describe blacktop/concrete driveways. With the flexibility, timeless design, and various styles of pavers you can add the beauty and elegance to your property you have been looking for with a paver driveway. 

1. Pick a main paver/color
2. Throw in some flare with different colors/styles/textures
3. Trim it out with plants or flowers for a touch of softness and extra color

1. We give you an ASTONISHING 10 YEAR guarantee on the installation of your driveway, standard, at no extra cost. Can they (concrete, stamped concrete, or blacktop guys) give you a guarantee?

2. The pavers themselves are guaranteed for life, against "flaking", "cracking", "breaking", or "chipping" so long as proper maintenance is maintained.

3. The color in pavers is saturated all the way through as opposed to sprinkled on top - ensuring you color will never fade out so long as proper sealer is maintained. 

4. Pavers will give your home a luxurious feel unlike plain, boring concrete or blacktop.

5Pavers are designed to flex with the changing of the Northern seasons; Concrete/Blacktop will heave and crack, where pavers will heave and return to their original position.
More pictures of Driveways on our Portfolio Page 

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