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Products - Wall Stone

You can also view the products we sell (with more detail) at The pictures have the product's name and a little description underneath as well as a ball-park price per facial foot (1ft high x 1ft long). These ball-park prices do not include coping (cap) stones. For our retail prices, for our DIY customers, please call the store as we frequently have specials going on. 716.628.9789 or 716.628.9790. 

Our Products Include:

Antico Stacker Stone - 8x12 Wall stone great for any kind of project: retaining walls, fountains, outdoor bars, sitting walls, built in sidebars, and more! Also, very easy to work with. Starting at $50 per facial foot, installed.

Parkwall Antico - A fantastic choice when building taller, more load bearing walls. This wall stone is wide, deep, and heavy so it makes for a great retaining wall or step system. It is rustic looking and tumbled. Starting at $55 per facial foot, installed.

Palladio Antico - This wall is rustic looking and comes in great colors. Comes in a 'triple' wall or wedge style, and it is also a very heavy wall great for retaining walls, steps, firepits, and more. Starting at $55 per facial foot, installed.

 Garden Lock - This wall is clean and modern lookng and it comes in a 'triple' wall or wedge style. It makes for great raised bed walls and comes in a Do-It-Yourself Fire pit kit. Starting at $45 per facial foot, installed.

Parkwall - A great option for sitting walls, raised gardens/planters, and retaining walls. A wall in 3 sizes with a clean, modern look. Starting at $45 per facial foot, installed. 

NEW - Barollo Roundedge Coping - Versatile bow-nose paver for countertops, steps. pillar caps. sitting wall caps, and the edge around a pool. Many other uses too! Starting at $13 per linear foot, installed.

Ridge Step - Awesome 'prefab' step with a rough face. this stone is beautiful and very simple to install! Starting at $100 per stone, installed. 
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