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Services description and warranty promises

We not only promise to deliver beautiful landscaping, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. We leave every site immaculate, and if necessary, we will lay sod. We are bonded and insured.

Our Services Include:

Free Estimates
No two projects are the same. Custom Landscape & Patio doesn't believe in one price fits all because we won't skimp on your service. We provide accurate, realistic, and reasonable estimates. When you call Custom Landscape & Patio, we answer the phone, and are eager to see your project the same or next-day, and we give on the spot estimates that we can stick to (Unlike most companies who have to go back to the office to come up with an estimate). 

Guaranteed Work
You can feel good about choosing Custom Landscape & Patio because our work is 100% guaranteed. Our installed retaining walls come standard with a 5 year guarantee and paver patios come with a 7 year guarantee! Even better yet, our driveways come with a standard 10 year guarantee! That's something you will not find with any other company. 

Sealing your new Paver area is completely optional. It is definitely recommended, but not mandatory. Sealer will prolong the life of the color and durability of pavers. Paver sealer is much different than concrete sealer as it absorbs into the pavers, rather than sitting on top of them - and it has a color and UV protectant so your pavers will never fade.

If you decide sealing is definitely an option you want to go with: For the first six years, your Paver area will need to be sealed every other year, and then after the sixth year, patios can be sealed every third year. With Custom Landscape & Patio, you never have to worry about remembering all that though because with your permission, we will call to remind you when your patio is due for sealing.

Do it Yourself (Free) Consultations and Supply Center 
If you are the hands-on type, and want to build your own outdoor oasis, we can help you too! Our showroom doubles as a Supply Center for landscape materials for the DIY'er, and while you are here we can brainstorm ideas with you regarding your space. If you want, we can even take a picture of your space, put it into a program, and help you design it.

Our services: You can see many different examples of our work in our portfolio.

Jay C. Watts, the owner and operator of Custom Landscape & Patio, does all of the estimates personally. He brings 18+ years of experience to the table and really works with the customer to provide them with a space they can enjoy for years to come. Whether you know exactly what you want, and need a price; or you have some ideas but need direction; OR you have a budget and want to get the most bang for your buck, Jay is the guy you need to call! His creativity and knowledge of outdoor products, far exceeds any other company you will call. 

Paver Patios
There are a number of different styles, colors, and textures of pavers to provide homeowners with ample choices to fit their tastes and styles, and every year Best Way Stone is coming out with new products. We believe in helping homeowners choose the right style for them, as well as to match the styles of their homes. Our patios are 100% customizable. Bestway Stone Ltd. is the company we deal the most with, they offer numerous styles from an old cobblestone look, to rustic, to modern style pavers. 

Retaining Walls
Again, for the many different styles of homes and their homeowners, there are various styles of wall stones. Retaining walls can be curved or straight, natural looking, and beautiful. Retaining walls can look clean and modern, rustic, or even as if they had been there since your home was built. When you are not dealing with poured concrete, you can have any look you wish for. 

No one wants to walk in the mud, and stepping stones won't give homeowners the beauty and style their homes deserve. With a paver sidewalk from Custom Landscape & Patio, your walk up can be just a beautiful as your home, and again pavers come in many different styles, shapes, and colors. This is customization at its best. 

Flower Beds 
We install colorful flower beds, using creative designs. Flower beds can be raised with retaining walls to the height you desire, and we have experts from the local nurseries come design your arrangement. From annuals to perennials, you will have year around beauty. 

Water Features 
We can also design beautiful water features and gardens. We have done many koi ponds, water gardens, and water features including waterfalls coming out of your retaining walls, and sitting walls.


Yes! Pavers can also be installed to create a beautiful, practical driveway! With new and recent paver technology, pavers are being manufactured stronger and thicker, and a few styles are now even DOT approved for roadways! 

Heat Features and Built in Grills 
We can design and install your heat features, too! If you are interested in a fire pit, built-in-grill, or even an outdoor fireplace with a pizza oven, Custom Landscape & Patio is who you need to contact! We sell fireplace kits for the do-it-yourself'er or we can install a custom fireplaces out of wall stone to fit your desires. 

Patio Furniture and Accessories
When your hardscape is all said and done, you still need to furnish your outdoor space, right? Why not let the experts at Custom Landscape & Patio guide you in picking out quality furniture with quality cushions, and the perfect accessories?!

Sitting Walls 
Do you host big parties a lot, but don't want to buy or maintain a lot of furniture? Ever thought about built-in-seating? Custom Landscape & Patio specializes in creating outdoor spaces with sitting walls! Sitting walls built out of wall stone around your custom-designed paver patio make a statement and provide all the seating you could ever need without taking away from your overall patio space

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