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Supplemental Products

Our high quality supplemental products are more than a step above what you will find at the big box stores! Their "edging" will uproot in no time, and the 10in plastic spikes they include with that edging might as well be thrown away before you waste your time with them! The sealer they carry might say it is for pavers but that is definitely false; plus they dont even carry the right tools one needs to apply the sealer.

On this page you will find many helpful tips, and information about the products we carry. 

At Custom Landscape & Patio Supply Center you will find all of the supplies you need to complete your project (minus the tools). Below is a good list of some things you will definitely need. If your project is more extensive, you may need more tools/products but if you come to us, we will help you get everything you need. If we don't carry it, we can get it for you, guaranteed. 

What you will need to install your own paver patio/retaining wall/custom project are these:

A paver, wall stone, or patio block product of your liking 
5/8 Crusher Run stone
Ice Control Sand or "screenings" stone
Landscape Fabric - A good, heavy duty fabric
Polymeric Sand 
Paver Sealer 
Edging (for patio spaces)
Spikes (for patio spaces) 
Concrete Adhesive

Plus some tools: 
Table saw capable of cutting through stone
Sod cutter (possibly)
Speed square 
Tape measure 
Marking paint 
Few shovels (or contract your excavation work out)
2x4x8-10 for leveling your base 
Dead blow hammer 
4ft level
Handheld level

Products we carry: 

Paver Restraint (Edging) & Spikes - 
Edging - $1.90 per linear foot    Spikes - $0.75 per spike

Most Paver restraint products you will find on the market just butt-up to the paver and are nailed in place to keep them from rolling over. 

Our PaveEdge RIGID paver restraint actually has a lip on it which sits underneath the paver as well as butts-up to the patio in order to keep it in place. This is a huge benefit becasue now, if the edge of the patio wanted to roll over (or seperate from the rest) it has to pull the whole weight of the paver sitting on top of it, PLUS move those 12in spikes which are nailed into the ground. (This is nearly impossible.) 

Here at Custom Landscape & Patio Supply Center you will also find 12in Steel spikes. As shown in the above pictures, they are nailed into precut holes in the paver restraint to secure the edging in place. Once the spikes have been in the ground for a while, they will actually rust into place and they will be very difficult to move. 
For more in-depth information on this edging click here 

Sealer prices are constantly changing but if you are looking for a ball-park number, budget $60 per gallon, which covers about 75 sq.ft.

Sealing your space not only makes the colors pop to create a more beautiful look, but Paver Sealer also has a UV and Color protectant in it which will make the look of your space last for many, many years. That is what sets it apart from typical concrete sealer which doesn't have those protectants in it. Additionally, Paver Sealer is permeable and over time, and several sealings, the sealer will absorb fully into the paver products, allowing you to seal your space less often. 

For example, when you install your outdoor space, you should finish it by sealing it. 2 years later you should seal it again; and then 2 years after that, again. After the third sealing, you wil have noticed the vibrant, "just sealed" color lasting much longer, and then you can stretch your sealings out to every 3 or 4 years. 

The other thing you need to know about sealing your projects in what tools you need to accomplish it. We do not suggest using a simple household sprayer, that you might use for bug spray for instance, because the materials used to make that sprayer are not heavy duty enough to support the chemicals in the sealer. You will definitely need a commercial/industrial sprayer to apply our sealer. That said, you can roll the sealer on with a paint roller, BUT it will roll on very, very thick which means you will need more, and if it is applied thick, it will cause your space to be slippery when wet. 
For more in-depth information on this sealer product including MSDS forms, click here 

Polymeric Sand
50lb bag - $17.00  

Polymeric Sand is what you will sweep into the joints of your patio space or steps. You will want to sweep enough sand into the joints to fill them, but not overflow them. You also will not want to leave any of the sand (or its dust) on the surface of your pavers. I'll explain that below. You can get Polymeric Sand in gray or tan and at a big box store, you would normally pay about $27.00 per bag, our sand is a better product and it costs much less!

After you have finished sweeping the Polymeric Sand into the joints of your space, you will want to ensure there is none left on the surface of the pavers, including any dust from the sand. To activate the sand, you must apply a good mist to the space, allow it to dry, and then mist it once more. If any sand/dust is left on the surface of your space, it will harden and be very difficult to remove. What I mean by that is, you will have to chisel it off with a screw driver, or you quite possibly might even have to grind it off. 

The reason that you dont want to use play sand in the joints is that it wont stop weeds from growing up through. The Polymers in the Polymeric Sand, when moistened, activate causing them to harden. This blocks any weeds from pushing through and it locks your pavers into place. When the winter comes, and the ground freezes, the sand becomes very moist again, making it pliable, and able to shift with the freeze and thaw. Whe summer returns and the sun drys the sand out once more, it will harden and again lock your pavers into place. 
For more in-depth information about this Polymeric Sand, click here

Concrete Adhesive 

We use 2 kinds of Adhesive, both shown above. 
The first is called Superwet Adhesive. This is a fantastic product that, unlike other adhesives, can be used when the stone is wet. You would apply a small (1/4in) bead across the middle of the wall stone when it is wet and the moisture will activate the chemicals in this adhesive, causing it to expand. In practical terms, you would have to work kind of fast when using this product: You'd lay your bead of adhesive and get the next layer on as quickly as possible (not physically seeing the product expand). 
The second product is a general retaining wall adhesive. This is the most commonly used type of adhesive becasue it works great and you don't necessarily have to work as fast as you would with the Superwet Adhesive. 
For more in-depth information about these adhesives, including MSDS forms, click here 

Bi-weekly seminars (May-July)

We want you to love your outdoor space for many years to come, even if we dont build it for you. During the summer, we provide FREE training seminars to show you how to properly install your projects. These seminars range from patios, to retaining walls, to water and heat features. On this website (as time gets closer) you will find a calendar of events page with the topic of each week's seminar. If you have any suggestions please feel free to send us a contact form with your topic suggestions. The seminars typically begin around 10am and they last as long as people have questions. We are here to help you!
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