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In 2010, we opened a retail outlet store for the Do-It-Yourself'er! We know that many homeowners love the pride and satisfaction they feel after installing their own paver patios, retaining walls, outdoor kitchens, and other back yard features. We want to help them out too! You can  see the products we offer on our Paver Products page, Wall Stone Products page, and Patio Block Products page. Even if you already bought a paver, wall, or block product elsewhere, the supplemental products you will need including edging, polymeric sand, stone for the base, and sealer are all products we have to offer you. For those types of products, see our Supplemental Products Page. 

 Once you have found a few concrete block/paver products that interest you, let us brainstorm ideas with you to come up with a design. We can take a picture of your home, put it into a program and give you a good idea of what your project could look like. See example pictures below.

Digital Rendetion

Finally, when we come up with a great design for your space, let us show you the proper way to install your paver patio, sidewalk, driveway, or block retaining wall at one of our bi-weekly seminars between May and July

Bi-weekly Seminars 
During the summer months of May-July, we hold FREE do-it-yourself seminars every other week. We want our customers to love their spaces for a very long time, and the best way to do that is knowing how to properly install hardscapes so that you aren't constantly fixing them, right?! The seminar topics range from patios, to retaining walls, to raised flower beds, and even water features. There is not need to RSVP to these as they are just open to the public, but if you are definitely coming and you wish for us to discuss a specific topic, send us a contact form with your Topic suggestion. We always do our best to accommodate the attendees. 

Keep checking back for our Calendar of Events to be updated with dates and subjects.

If you are still considering other options please read these comparisons between Pavers and Concrete/Stamped Concrete

Pavers  Concrete 
Color saturates the paver making it last  Color only stains the surface forever as long as proper maintenance is making it destined to fade 

Pavers are designed to flex with the freeze Concrete will heave and
and thaw, so they will return to their  eventually crack, even if stress  
original position. If they do move, you can     cuts are made throughout your 
pull them up, fix the base and replace              space.

Pavers cost roughly $9 per sqft and up, Concrete can be anywhere 
this includes all of the base materials and from $4 per sqft and up; 
your first sealing.
Stamped concrete will be near double. Then you must add the
expense of adding color

Paver Sealer permeates through the  Concrete sealer sits on top and block and breathes to allow moisture creates a slick surface in the 
to pass through  winter

Paver styles are timeless and vast from  Concrete can be stamped into 
old-rustic, to sleek and modern and as 
very pretty designs but keep in 
long as proper maintenance is upkept 
mind the color will fade and it 
it will not change
will crack over time
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